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Emerson Crane Hire Ltd

Head Office: London Borough of Dagenham and Barking, Essex

6 Month Contract
Company Profile:

Emerson is the leading crane hire company in London and the South of the UK. As the trusted lifting professionals, they have the right people and products to support your projects safely and efficiently.

Working closely with Liam Clancy, Managing Director, and the Senior Leadership Team to drive business change and make improvements for the benefit of the wider business has been fast paced, challenging and hugely rewarding.

For any and all Crane Hire, Training and Transport requirements in the South of the UK, we would highly recommend this business to support you on any project.

  • Sales Consultancy Package
  • Sales Support Consultancy Package
  • Marketing Consultancy Package
  • Implementation in the role of Sales & Marketing Director

Client Feedback

For a while I knew change was needed with Emerson’s Sales and Marketing function as we had extensively expanded other areas of the business and needed that area to follow suit. I had been looking for some time for professional assistance to get clarity on the direction our Sales and Marketing was taking and found Danny, who was just what I was looking for. In the 6 months Danny was working with Emerson he was able to initially review our current situation and report on recommendations for improvements.

He was instrumental in delivering positive changes within Emerson to the point of readying us for a full time Head of Sales. In the time that Danny was with us he brought energy, expertise and change to the business. I would recommend Danny for any business that is going through growth to offer support to business owners and take the pain away during the transition phases.

Liam ClancyManaging Director

I've had the pleasure of working with Danny over the last 6 months and first impressions is how pleasant and confident he is. He articulates well and quickly engages with the business to define business strategies.
He is very professional, presents himself well and follows through with how he communicates and manages people.

Danny is very innovative and sees the big picture enabling him to deliver on the Sales and Marketing strategies to achieving business objectives.

Arnella Williams-BakerHR and L&D Manager

Emerson required assistance with their Sales Strategy as well as the implementation of this to drive the company forwards into the customer's psyche. Not only did Danny deliver exactly this, his contribution enabled changes across the company's departments, through the joined-up thinking that his experience brought with him, to introduce new and improved processes.

Yes, Danny took a really hard look at our sales team structure and certainly suggested many positive ways forward with that, but he also worked with the Board to encourage a fresh look at the entire Senior Leadership Team structure, and we were able to make changes for the better there too. These changes brought about a much more defined structure where the right people were in the right places doing the right things. This also improved internal communications and allowed the leadership team to work much more as a cohesive team with the same end in mind.

Whilst Danny was tasked with improving sales procedures; influencing a shift in sales techniques and opening up potential new markets, his systems analysis approach meant he highlighted challenges across departments. He worked alongside Finance to implement more efficient invoicing procedures, he worked with the Hire Desk to realign positions with the way we wanted to manage relationships with our customers, and his collaboration with myself as Compliance Director brought about a renewed vigour in internal Health and Safety discussion, coordination and integration, from the newest operational staff through to senior management. For this I will always be grateful.

In short, Danny's time with Emerson was very productive, with wins and success throughout the business, the repercussions of which will be felt for a long time to come.

Jonathan CallowCompliance Director