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LinkedIn Mini Workshop

Who is this Workshop for?

We have created 3 Mini Workshops that are specific for different roles within your business. These 2 hour sessions are designed for everyone that currently uses LinkedIn, or wants to use LinkedIn, for a range or purposes from growing your Personal Brand, increasing Lead Generation for Sales or providing value through creating engaging Content.

If you are new to LinkedIn, we would recommend the 1 Day Workshop or completing Workshops 2 and 3 to give you all the relevant information to help make an impact with your Profile, define your tar-get market, connect with your audience and learn how to create engaging content to add value to your connections.

If you’ve been using LinkedIn for some time but would like to learn new ways to use the platform, this is for you too.

  • LinkedIn Mini Workshop 1; Advised for Business Owners & Leaders
  • LinkedIn Mini Workshop 2; Advised for Business Owners & Sales Professionals
  • LinkedIn Mini Workshop 3; Advised for Business Owners & Marketing Professionals

We’re ready to take your business to the next level, are you?