Sales Support Consultancy

Supporting your Sales Team to better manage your customers, secure new customers and provide clear reporting for strong performance.

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The Sales function should have the right level of support from your business to provide a strong level of customer focussed service. We advocate streamlining the responsibilities of your Sales Team by having a dedicated Sales Support function, this enables them to focus on the front-end support directly to the customer and frees them up from the more administrative, but essential, elements of the Sales process.

The following areas can be covered as part of the Sales Support Consultancy package:

  • Customer Sectorisation and Segmentation
  • Customer Profiling and Profitability Analysis
  • Customer KPI Management and Reporting
  • Strategic Project Planning and Forecasting Support
  • CRM Management and Implementation
  • New Bids and Tender Opportunities
  • Pricing Analysis and Pricing Agreements
  • Prospect Data and Outbound Campaigns
  • Market Research and Competitor Analysis
  • Business Documentation

Each of the above areas are reviewed, plans are created and deadlines are agreed with you then we implement those plans in line with this.

Don’t have a Head of Sales Support or Sales Support Manager? No problem, ask us about implementing these plans with you to take you to the next level…


Consultancy Process

Business Level Min. Days per Month Min. Contractual Agreement
Small Business Over £250,000 2 3 Months
SME Over £500,000 2 3 Months
SME Over £2,000,000 2 3 Months
SME Over £5,000,000 4 6 Months
Corporate Business Over £15,000,000 4 6 Months

If you’re a Sole Trader or a Start Up Business that’s been trading less than 2 years and has an annual turnover of less than £250,000 then
we can help you too!
Check out our Workshops here or contact us to discuss how we can support you further.


Partner Services

In addition to our Consultancy Services, we would also like to make you aware that we have Sales Support Services that we offer with our Strategic Partners. This means that we are also able to offer you the following support services should you require them, or on the recommendation of the Consultant, to support successful delivery of the plans in place.

1. Prospect Data
- This is high quality sourced data that can be used for growing Customer Sectors, New Business Development, Product Launches and or Outbound Sales Campaigns.

2. Business Development Services

- If you would like to generate new business leads for your Sales Team and don't have the resource or would like to complete specific campaigns that can be measured with a clear ROI, then we can support you with a dedicated outbound telesales solution. With a combination of strong Sales skills and some basic product knowledge, we will be able to qualify leads to pass to your Senior Sales Personnel to convert in to new customers.

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