3 Day Bids & Tender Workshop

Next Level Consultancy can facilitate a Bids & Tender Workshop to structure and manage those must win opportunities. The workshop will be held at a location of your choice with you and your team.

This workshop is designed to establish clear roles and responsibilities within the team, a mutually agreed schedule for completion and the creation of a compelling, commercially sound and compliant submission. This managed approach helps to engage the team at the early stages of the bid process, building those fundamental relationships needed when delivering the winning proposal.

We have a simple 3 Step approach, proven to keep your team on the right track to success:

Once your winning strategy has been defined, you can replicate the process against future opportunities.

In addition, our Consultancy Services can be complemented with the facilitation of the Bids & Tender Workshop by supporting in content creation, graphic design and post submission services such as telesales support. Remember, a bid is more than just the submission, it is the delivery and your reputation, let us help take your bids to the next level.

We’re ready to take your business to the next level, are you?

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